three day (almost) weekend!

hooray for weekends with the wife; and for new pogo remixes. enjoy


jam of the day.

ceo. covering 'halo'


we don't wanna get in line...

so somehow i missed that there is a new 'i'm from barcelona' album coming out this year; on april 19th in fact. it's called 'forever today' and the first single (i still can't believe that i missed this) is called 'get in line' and it is the same wonderful, cheery, warm-you-up, swedish brilliance that they have been delivering since 2006. enjoy; this song is quite the earworm:



so the past week has seen me become pretty obsessed with jamie woon: an awesome singer-songwriter/producer from london with a great almost '90s R&B-vibe mixed with a wonderful post-dubstep musicality. well that sounds kinda convoluted but it works brilliantly; much better than my description of it. see for yourself:
'night air' was the first single off woon's upcoming 'mirrorwriting' album; with the song being co-produced by burial which can never hurt. but it's the second single, 'lady luck,' that has me really taken at the moment:
oh woon! i just can't get enough

the baron


saturday's jam!

i don't know much about MNDR; she/they were featured in SPIN not too long ago and i was looking forward to hearing them. count me impressed.

happy saturday!
the baron


don't call it a comeback...

it's been quite a long time and i'm sure most of you have given up looking at this page; but i think i am finally ready for a comeback. life's been pretty good as of late. the weather is warming up; my wife and i are happier than ever; i'm reading books again; finding great new music; and also this video:

what more can a man ask for? i'm working on some ideas for some posts coming soon so if you are still there; stay tuned...for real this time.

till then

the baron