a quick one...

snow day!
i won't be long...spending the afternoon watching some monty python goodness and i thought i would share some of the love; if you have never strayed beyond 'monty python and the holy grail,' i highly recommend checking out the tv show...you won't be disappointed:
till later,
the baron


a snowy day off, making mixes...

i am currently in the middle of making three mixes for different folks and sorting through all that music and matching this song with that has inspired me to make a short post about what is currently consuming a lot of my time.

owen pallett's (formerly known as final fantasy) new album, heartland, has really been sticking with me the past couple weeks, and last i was walking home in the dark at about 1 in the morning and everything was covered in a fresh layer of undisturbed snow and this song was playing on my iPod (albeit not this live version):

it was one of those rare moments when everything in the music seems to perfectly compliment everything around me. it was pretty awesome 3 and a half minutes and i listened to the album on repeat until i fell asleep.

all that to say, if you haven't checked out heartland yet and you enjoyed the video above; i highly recommend it. pallett's strings and voice dominate most of the record and it is a beautiful, engrossing, almost pastoral, album. give it a listen and let me know if you agree or disagree.

the baron


i leave you with a few loverly pop songs...

so it's been a while; a very long while. i realize that. i feel guilty; i really do. and so to make up for it i'm giving up this peace offering of some songs that have been catching my attention lately and i promise that i will be back with more soon, and on a much more frequent basis.

i am currently digesting (and also loving) owen pallett's new album...i will let you know what i think next time.
til then and, again, apologies...

the baron