my new obsession.

so i stumbled across this song and video last night (or rather early this morning) on disco naivete and i have become obsessed. i have literally watched this video/listened to this song about 50 times since then. i am gobsmacked. besmirched. and very in love with this song. i just want to share it will you. austra is the name of the trio from toronto, canada and this amazing, blessed song is called, 'lose it,' off of their upcoming debut album, 'feel it break,' out may 17 on domino records. enjoy:


the great listen-in: PART I

so for the past week and for the foreseeable future i have been systematically going through my favorite artists discographies chronologically; listening to one release before going to the next artist and so on. i thought that tonight before heading to bed i would post a lovely discovery from some of the artists i've recently revisited. i'm just into the beginning of it so everything comes from the very early periods of all of these bands/artists. come on! it will be fun!

arctic monkeys - settle for a draw. this is a b-side of off their second single 'when the sun goes down.' i had never heard it till a couple of days ago. i'm a fan

blur - i know. this one comes from their debut single 'she's so high.' that wonderful old school blur sound. zing!

bob marley & the wailers - maga dog. this song! it's been on repeat a lot since last friday.

the clientele - saturday. debut ep; last song. rainy and beautiful as ever.

daft punk - da funk. this one deserves the video; classic video at that. debut single

david bowie - letter to hermione. a favorite of mine from the pre-ziggy days.

thats all for tonight. more coming soon.
the baron