the great listen-in: PART I

so for the past week and for the foreseeable future i have been systematically going through my favorite artists discographies chronologically; listening to one release before going to the next artist and so on. i thought that tonight before heading to bed i would post a lovely discovery from some of the artists i've recently revisited. i'm just into the beginning of it so everything comes from the very early periods of all of these bands/artists. come on! it will be fun!

arctic monkeys - settle for a draw. this is a b-side of off their second single 'when the sun goes down.' i had never heard it till a couple of days ago. i'm a fan

blur - i know. this one comes from their debut single 'she's so high.' that wonderful old school blur sound. zing!

bob marley & the wailers - maga dog. this song! it's been on repeat a lot since last friday.

the clientele - saturday. debut ep; last song. rainy and beautiful as ever.

daft punk - da funk. this one deserves the video; classic video at that. debut single

david bowie - letter to hermione. a favorite of mine from the pre-ziggy days.

thats all for tonight. more coming soon.
the baron

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