on a personal note:

I am currently sitting in my fiancé's place of employment, about to enjoy a hot beverage, listening to this and generally taking it easy on my day off. This morning I slept in, read my book a little (still in the middle of The Lord of the Rings), and watched Pineapple Express; not the Apatow crew’s best outing but still a pretty amusing time.

My new job is treating me well and I really enjoy the environment and the people and while it isn’t something I want to be doing for the rest of my life; I am throughly looking forward to spending a couple of years there getting to know people and getting a crapload of books and movies at excellent prices.

I am also grateful to be having a paycheck again as loan payments are coming due pretty soon here and that makes them a little less scary. Winston-Salem is a great town and I am really looking forward to planting my feet here for 7-ish years with Emily and enjoying what life has to offer. Should be good.

...and so I leave you with my current jam (aside from the plethora of 80’s tunes I’m enjoying), ‘11th Dimension’ from Julian Casablancas excellent new album, Phrazes for the Young:

I promise that in a day or two I will get back to some posting beyond life-updates.

Til then,

The Baron

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