tiny mix tapes...best of the the decade.

so as a project i am currently listening to (most) of the 100 albums in Tiny Mix Tapes best of the decade list; from #100 all the way up to #1. Mostly for fun and and also to expose myself to some music that I wouldn't normally find myself listening too or even CHOOSE to listen to (ie. metal or noise). Think of it as an exercise in expanding my musical horizons by doing my best to see the beauty and the art and the MUSIC in places where I don't normally look. And even in my short day and a half thus far I have found some real winners and I am only on #84: The Unicorns' Who Will Cut Our Hair When Were Gone? My two favorites so far (these are albums that were new to me) have been:

#100 - Psychic Paramount's
Gamelan into Mink Supernatural: This record was basically a 30 minute punch to my gut. Pure energy, noise, rhythm, and overall amazingness. Great way to start out the list.

#92 - Blackalicious' Blazing Arrow: Goodness gracious this is an amazing rap album. I've never been one for large volumes of hip-hop and we I do partake it usually airs on the old-school end. Blackalicious seems to combine everything wonderful about old school rap and puts a modern twist on it. Simply an enthralling listen (Definitely going to investigate these fellas further).

Anyhow, as I slog my way through the rest of this list (which you can check out here) I will be posting update on my progress and on some of the new and wonderful discoveries that the fine people at Tiny Mix Tapes have helped me make. So I will see you all at #1!

the baron

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