modern life, well, its rubbish...

hey there fine friends.
it has been far too long since I last updated this blog (I seem to start every post with that disclaimer). but anyhow, things have been going quite well during the interval. I am a mere 2-ish months away from my wedding day; which is very exciting and slightly nerve-racking because I know how much I have to do before that day. but life is really very good. the best its ever been, maybe. maybe.
on the music front:
i'm still chipping away on the tiny mixtapes list; currently at #51 - Modest Mouse - The Moon & Antarctica (which is an EXCELLENT album). But the past two weeks have been a little consumed with my recently renewal of my love for Blur (which was reignited by watching an excellent new documentary called 'No Distance Left to Run'). The flame I've carried for them never really went out; I just moved on to different things only to come full circle back to their wonderfulness...or something like that.
Anyhow, if your working knowledge of Blur stops at 'Song 2' I would suggest digging at little deeper; maybe starting with 'Midlife: A Beginner's Guide to Blur' a great best-of compilation that came out last year. Or if you are more of an album person 'Parklife' or 'Modern Life is Rubbish'.
Unfortunately, EMI doesn't seem to allow you to embed any Blur videos so you will just have traverse to YouTube via the links; but here is a sampling of the wonders in store:

Popscene (early Blur; circa 1992...great video)

The Universal (mid-Blur; circa 1995...perhaps my favourite video of theirs and one of their best songs)

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