on a permanent basis, i apologise...

so yesterday one of my all time favorite bands, blur, released two (!) new songs, 'under the westway' and 'the puritan'; playing them live on a rooftop in london and streaming it over twitter. both songs are wonderful, but 'under the westway' is truly beautiful and a real treat; a longing, celebratory anthem to a city the way only blur can write them. its things like this that make me hold out hope for a new blur album sometime in the hopefully near future. if anything it will be great to see them play these during the closing ceremony concert at the olympics. good morning, indeed.

be sure to check out their rooftop performance of these two beauties at http://www.blur.co.uk/livestream/ . there is an advert for their new boxset at the beginning of the video, so skip to 1:29 for the goodness.

the baron 

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