remember when people thought the world was round?

i'm back! it's been many moons but i just wanted to say hello to all and let you know that i am going to give this another shot for real this time (for reels for reels!). the past six months have been a pretty stellar time in my life and now that my daily world is falling into a routine for the summer, i thought that this would be the perfect time to let the world once again bask in the glory of my intermittent posts about things that i currently dig. or something. 

for starters, i want to share with you an album that i currently can't get enough of: hot chip's new lp 'in our heads.' i've been a big fan of the band for awhile and in my humble opinion this is their strongest overall album yet. not a dud in the whole bunch. the first two singles, flutes and night and day, are rock solid but right now my favorite track is the opener, motion sickness. everything works and works wonderfully. layer upon layers of slowly growing, bouncing, syrupy synths. and one of the best opening lines of an album ever. and so i will leave you this song as a welcome back present; have a listen, won't you?

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back. Cool song.