another rainy tuesday:::

i just finished the first novella in king's different seasons: 'rita hayworth and the shawshank redemption' and i definitely enjoyed it much more that i thought i would. i have always written stephen king off as a throw away writer; in the same category as other frivolous best-selling authors, like nicholas sparks or danielle steel. But after reading this first novella, my opinion is shifting. Not to say that he is my new favourite and i am going to reading all his books, but he is no longer in that throw-away category and at some point in the future i will most likely read another of his books. i will let you know what i think of the other three novellas as i finished them; but so far quite good.

i also wanted to leave with the new single from recently 'Best-New-Music'd' band, Bear in Heaven. it is off of their new album 'beast rest forth mouth'...i've really been enjoy it:
lovesick teenagers:

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