rainy days and bookshelves:

i spent friday and saturday in ATL with my good friend Andrew from college while my fiance + sisters + mom + other college friend went wedding dress shopping (with great success, so i’m told). While they were busy doing that, Dru took me around to some of his favourite hot-spots; Little Five Points, Dekalb Farmer’s Market, Doraville, the wonders of MARTA, and of course, his lovely new apartment.

though i rained almost the entire time we were there it was a pretty fun trip and the rain helped add a sort of chill, relaxed vibe to our galavanting across ATL. it was a good time and i look forward to being able to do it again and spending more than 26-ish hours in town.

in other big news, i have come into possession of a bookshelf that emily helped me set up last night and is now sitting beautifully in my freshly cleaned and rearranged room. it is a wonderful sight to behold and a long time coming; now all of my books and dvds have a loverly (and relatively cheap) home. it is really good for me to finally have a place for all of my stuff; feels at little bit more like home. i’ve been staying in the guest room of emily’s sister and brother-in-law’s house for about 5 months now and i needed to sort of make the space my own until my own apartment happens in a couple of months. thus this fabulous bookshelf.

so that was my weekend, in brief, i’m currently partaking in my weekend haunting of Dewey’s, drinking coffee, enjoying the rainy weather, listening to some hot tunes, and updating my blog. and in honor of the ray autumn days of winston-salem and atlanta; i’m working on the ultimate rainy day mix that i will upload in the next couple of days...so stay tuned.

be well.

the baron

and if you haven’t listened to the new yeasayer jam below, please; take 4 mins. and be blessed.

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