a loverly day off...

emily and i (finally) started in on the first season of 'mad men' today...which is super good and great and i'm looking forward to seeing how the characters develop. the first three episodes are ace; looking forward to watching more whenever emily gets a chance. other than that, not too much has gone on today. just a very VERY lazy day off, which both of us needed. i still haven't finished king's 'different seasons'...whoops...but i'm still enjoying it very much...about halfway through 'the boy' which is the third novella in the book and one which the movie 'stand by me' was based...still very much looking forward to reading 'battle royale' next.

in music news, two of my favourite bands, beach house and animal collective are releasing new material relatively soon and the first songs off of both of them are AMAZING and have been taking up a lot of my time. beach house's 'norway' i think is a great step forward for them and from what i hear the whole album, teen dream, is colossal. and 'graze,' from ac's 'fall be kind' ep is not the best thing they have ever done but it is certainly one of the joyous and most fun...so without further ado:
beach house::::norway

animal collective::::graze


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