wild beasts...

this uk band, which has been getting quite the buzz lately, was one that i initially disliked when they released their debut album, 'limbo, panto', last year. lead singer Hayden Thorpe's falsetto was a little to much for me at times; but when their second album 'two dancers' received even more praise than the first i figured i'd better give them another go. i am very glad i did. the intricate melodies, the vocal trade offs with other member and sometimes lead singer Tom Fleming, the playful lyrics, ALL GOOD.
and so i present wild beasts, make of them what you will; and then give them another chance:
hooting & howling (from two dancers):

the devil's crayon (from limbo, panto):

brave bulging buoyant clairvoyants (from limbo, panto):

all the king's men (from two dancers):

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