lazy sunday...

Yesterday was a CRAZY day at work; with its normal Saturday business and with the computers crashing and time seeming to not go by as fast as it should, it was altogether not my most favourite day at Ed McKay. It left me pretty tired last night and so I am very grateful for a day to recharge and rest and relax and read. I don't really have too much on my agenda today, other than knocking back some of Stephen King's Different Seasons so I can give Mike a more informed position than, "I like it so far. So far being the first ten pages." Em and I received our "Thanks for Banking with Wachovia" Gift Cards yesterday so mayhaps we will do something fun with those. Who can say?

But anyhow, for now I will leave you with some tunes I have been enjoying a lot. 'Scars,' Basement Jaxx's new record is one that I have been spending some time with lately and when it's good its REALLY good, like three of the singles from the album that I've posted below. But the record definitely has some tracks that don't really follow-through on the promise of the singles (I'm looking at you Yoko Ono). But to me Basement Jaxx has always been more of a 'singles band' than anything else (as well as consistently offering excellent music videos). Not to say that 'Scars' as an album isn't worth a listen, because it is and I would recommend it. Just know that it isn't all as good as this:
Feeling's Gone feat. Sam Sparro:

My Turn feat. Lightspeed Champion:

Raindrops (I couldn't find the video for this on YouTube, probably because its kinda NSFW; still an ACE song):

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